The Neutron Chef

About Neutron


I’m “Neutron”, a 20-year-old guy who enjoys cooking during my free time! Welcome to my “Neu” cooking site, where I will be uploading original recipes and photographs of the food I prepare at home, so stay tuned every week for new posts! My recipes are mostly impromptu and improvisatory in nature (i.e. random dishes that I conjure in my mind after looking at food on TV or in cookbooks) and I do not strictly follow recipes in cooking guides. As a result, please take my time measurements and food quantities with a pinch of salt (pun intended).

I’m most definitely not a pro at cooking; the purpose of this blog is more to spread the word that cooking is a fun and great activity to do alone or with friends and family members. For me, experimenting with different ingredients is what makes the cooking experience so fun and enjoyable! A word of caution: It may get frustrating to fail a couple of times before preparing a decent Creme Brulee or Seared Scallop, which is why it is always good to read up on basic cooking techniques and timings. Although I try not to follow recipes, dishes like Souffles (desserts especially) need a distinct proportion of cream to milk and egg for the texture to be made just right – or else it’ll just taste like a normal cake, or it may not even rise at all :S

That’s all from me. If you have any comments please feel free to leave them on my blog!

Happy cooking!


The |\|3u+r0n Ch3f


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