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Royal Carrot Cake

My family had some “restaurant-style” hawker food for lunch, where I ordered a plate of “Royal Carrot Cake” for $14 (´・ω・`) Here’s how to replicate the dish for less than $5 (´・ω・`)


2 Pieces of Carrot Cake (Can be bought for around $1 per piece from Chinese restaurants or bakeries e.g. Crystal Jade); These are already very tasty on its own so not much flavouring is needed on your part


A few pieces of prawns and clams (add scallops or abalone if you feel extravagant)

Cabbage or Beansprouts (whichever vegetable you fancy)

Minced/Chopped Garlic, Sliced Onions


Sauces to consider: Black Sauce (Sweet), XO Sauce (Savoury and Spicy), Black Pepper Sauce


1) Cut the carrot cake into cubes (you decide the size for yourself!)


1) Saute a tablespoon of garlic and chopped onions in olive oil/butter. Start by frying the seafood*. Add in the vege once the seafood is cooked.

*If you are cooking scallops, I recommend you to pan-fry them separately

2) Add in the carrot cake and fry over high heat. Finally, add in the beaten egg, coating the carrot cake evenly. Continue stir-frying.

3) Choose what kind of sauce you want to use, taste, and flavour accordingly. Now you have your very own “Royal Carrot Cake”!

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