The Neutron Chef

Cajun Chicken with Mayo Squid Rings

The chicken turned out better than expected (I rarely cook chicken legs), and this was my first time handling squid also 🙂


Boneless Chicken Leg

1 Squid

Cajun Seasoning

Garlic, Butter, Mayonaise, Dill Tips

Salad with dressing


1) Handling the squid (with help from my mum): Not sure how to describe the process, but first you pull off the skin from the body. Next, pull the head from the rest of the body. Remove everything that’s inside the squid (you’ll be able to find a long piece of “bone” inside). Remove the eyes and tentacles from the head portion. Wash thoroughly.

2) Cut the body of the squid into rings. Salvage some tentacles if you want.

3) Marinate the chicken leg with some salt and A LOT of Cajun Seasoning. Make a few incisions on the chicken leg and make sure some seasoning goes inside (keep the side with the skin intact, but try to squeeze in some seasoning under the layer of skin). Leave in the fridge for more than 3 hours if possible.


1) Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in the pan on high heat for 1 minute, then switch to medium heat. Fry some minced garlic, then add in the squid rings. Once cooked, remove from heat and add in the mayonaise and dill leaf tips.

2) Heat a new pan with some butter or oil on medium heat, then lay the chicken leg nicely on the pan (treat it with care). For me it took around 5 minutes to brown the chicken skin, after which you flip the leg around to cook the other side. If your chicken leg is quite thick, place it into the oven/microwave to make sure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

3) Plate the chicken, squid rings, and some salad.

*Emergency Situation: If the chicken is not tasty enough, ADD SAUCE. Black Pepper will do just fine.

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