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Mushroom Sushi

I love mushrooms, and I was wondering what simple dish I could prepare other than stir-frying the Shitake mushrooms I bought. I couldn’t think of anything else so I stir-fried them anyway, and just presented them in a less conventional manner.


Shitake Mushrooms

Sauce (I used the Ginger soy sauce which I bought from Daiso; You can consider using Oyster or Abalone sauce too)

Freshly-Cooked Rice, Mirin, Rice Wine Vinegar


Salt, Sugar, Pepper


1) Soak the mushrooms in water for 10 mins, then squeeze out as much water as possible from them. This gets rid of the weird mushroom “after-taste” which I absolutely detest.

2) Slice them into halves


1) Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in the pan on high heat for 1 minute, then switch to low heat. Coat the mushrooms with the butter, and then slowly add in the sauce and sugar. Allow the mushrooms to absorb the sauce by simmering it in low heat.

2) Once the sauce evaporates and the mushrooms become dry, taste and season with salt and pepper accordingly. Remember to flavour it more because the mushrooms will be coupled with rice later on.

3) Using a clean saucepan, combine the Mirin, Rice Wine Vinegar, sugar and salt over low heat until the sugar dissolves (Do not let it boil). Scoop some freshly-cooked rice (no need to specially purchase Japanese short-grain rice; normal rice is stickiest when freshly prepared) and fold in the mixture prepared above. Shape a suitable amount of rice and plate with the mushrooms on top to complete your sushi.

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  1. you should team up withe vincom2

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