The Neutron Chef

Paprika Prawns with Fried Garlic

Prawn dishes are rather easy to cook, although it may be troublesome to de-shell the prawns beforehand.  Anyway this is an experimental dish with the new herbs I purchased 🙂


200g Prawns

Minced/Chopped Garlic

Paprika Powder, Thyme

Marinade (2 tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce, 1 teaspoon of Flour, 1 teaspoon of Sugar)


1) De-shell the prawns. Cut the prawns halfway across the back to remove the intestinal tract (a long strand of black stuff). This also makes the prawn look larger because it opens up along the cut when cooked.

2) Marinate the prawns and leave in the fridge for at least 15 mins.


1) Saute a tablespoon of garlic in olive oil/butter. Leave the garlic for some time until it becomes crispy. Remove the garlic, leaving the garlic-infused oil in the pan.

2) Start cooking the prawns in the oil. Cook over high heat for about 1 minute and start sprinkling paprika powder and a little thyme over the prawns. Once they start smelling good, remove from heat and set the prawns nicely on a plate. Place the fried garlic on top of the prawns, and garnish with greens and more paprika powder.


1) To turn this into a full meal, you can place about 6 to 8 prawns beside buttered rice or on top of a plate of spagetti aglio olio.

2) I believe these prawns will  taste better grilled or barbecued 🙂

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